Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hit a 400 on the Nose

     I was trying to get this screen shot done right the other day while waiting in between the respawns.  They were always either too early or too late.  This one is just about perfect.
     I haven't really had any epic banshee loots this month yet, but I already got a warrior helmet off of the Black Knight.  Just camping here and there, jumping from char to char to see what I can get.  That's a kind of fun way to do it sometimes when you want to get lazy/have time to do other things.  I just really like that screen shot.  Hits 'em for exactly 400, which was what I was aiming for.  Now to figure out how to hit a 450/500! >:D
     Well, maybe if I can find something that is weak to a certain type of damage or just go to an ot.  Off to sell loots....

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