Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advancement on Entropia

     Well I've been taking screenshots of some of my skills on Entropia and I thought that after almost a month it was time to compare some of the advancements.  All of these advancements where made doing nothing but sweating for free.  The higher they go the better my character account becomes and the better I get at sweating for longer, as they will be less likely to kill me.  I'll still possibly keep falling down but you can always just revive at the nearby teleporter for free.  However, if I'm getting knocked out less often that all means that I can sweat for slightly longer which mean higher profitability.
courage 113
athletics 97
dexterity 60
perception 36
alertness 31
bravado 24

courage 152
athletics 134
dexterity 69
alertness 42
perception 39
bravado 33

     The one that I am mainly paying attention to is athletics, which is nice to see that it has gone up some.  Quit a lot actually, about 37 points in almost a month.  I think that this is a desirable skill to have because I think that it makes you run faster.  No idea what courage affects, I'll have to look these up.  The game says that courage is the ability to challenge danger and perform under pressure.  Maybe that means that the avatar is less likely to loose focus when being hit by a mob and be able to continue sweating without breaking concentration.  I can't really find anymore information on the courage skill at the moment besides just that general definition, but I did read about how storing your items in your storage boxes and carrying less will allow you to run faster, which is good because that's what I'm all about.  Until I can get a car I'm just gonna' see if I can get to where I can sprint faster than some of those cars because that would be hilarious.  Theoretically you might even think that it's possible as long as there is no skill cap, and just think what that would do for PVP, you'd be one of the hardest people to hit.

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