Thursday, June 30, 2011

Affs go the dreams

     Well, my mage got a deaded, or two.  :/  I was hunting in the dragon lairs and I had just solo'd two dragon lords at once.  Feeling like one bad mage as I was exiting the cave another dragon lord appeared and one hitted me.  OMG those things sure do not like me.  So that knocked me back from level 66 to 65.  So then as I was out rebuying blessings I come across a dead body.  Nothing extra special, like 2k in botted gold was on the corpse but then some level 100+ mage appeared and told me to give them the loot.  I was waiting for battle signs to dissapear so I could just log out when he started tossing SD's on me.  Affs, I had only rebought 2 of my blessings and this fark decides it's a good idea to help me get downgraded to level 64.  OMG.  Well, anyways, magic level has suffered severly but so far I have gotten back up to level 65.  This game is too hard.  I hope that guy gets deleted for cheating so fast.  I found out where he lives though and I've got a few pk chars stationed there to check if him or any of his friends are ever there.  It's a pretty remote house around the inside of Kazordoon where I would imagine they might think it be okay to afk mana sit outside the door there with a small risk of getting pk'ed afk, but their odds of survival with that plan I hope to prove wrong ASAP.  Good luck and I hope your drops are good.

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