Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calculating Magic Level

     I've been playing Tibia for a pretty long while now.  The whole entire time just running around bumping into new people and always discovering these funny new places.  Sometimes you run across  fascinating things like players who think that it is a good idea to run around with way too powerful shields.  Strong shields which are quite a bit for someone want to drop while running around trying to get a thrill killing noobs.

     One would have to be insane to consider it a good idea to slay other players while carrying such a valued item because being the first one to become agressive on other players makes it so that you are now being vulnerable to player attacks.

     Too make a long story short I'll just say that it was a fun day the day I stumbled just north of north bridge and all the way left past the rabbits, snakes and bears at warwolf mountain.  I met a level 23 red skull player there and when he fell he dropped a crown shield.  I just think that it is awesome when your Damage Per Second (DPS) is so much higher than their current healing capabilities.
     Consider .  It can tell us that a level 23 mage with magic level 23 can use the Intense Healing healing spell for a max heal of 168.  The same site will also tell me that with Magic Level 52 my Death Magic for PVP will hit 260 max with Sudden Death runes.

  Apparently if you drink enough manafluids on this game then you can get into the "Ha!Ha! I got Top 300 Magic Level" on this game. tells me that it will cost 112,500 gold pieces to get from my current Magic Level 53 to 54.  It will then cost 123,750 to get from 54 to 55.

136,125 for 56.
149,760 for 57.
164,745 for 58.
181,215 for 59.
199,305 for 60.
219,240 for 61.
241,155 for 62.
265,275 for 63.
291,825 for 64.
320,985 for 65.
353,070 for 66.
388,395 for 67.
     So, I'm getting there.  It might take awhile but I think that I can do it.  I've gotten top 300 distance before on my paladin and I'm currently top 300 Axe on my knight.  Top 300 fishing would be nice to get.  I'd think it would be neat to have top axe,club,fish,fist and...Sword?!(really hard to do because everyone is trying to get top sword) all on one character.  I think it would be easiest to do all of these on a knight character, because their melee skills rise the fastest, and they have 4 of them, compared to paladin and mages having one skill that will raise the fastest.  They could all do fishing but I think that I'm going to concentrate that one on my knight as well just so someday when I look him up on tibiaring it will show all of those skills listed together xD

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