Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drunk with Power

     Well last night I started out playing around on my level 8 paly.  He's pretty bad.  Kicked off all updating my trolling threads on the forum using my broken English because I believes that it are the fun.  Well anyway, I got to the point where I thought that suiciding to a troll would make my character page all the more amusing just in case anybody happened to glance at it, they'd think that I was such a nub!
     So I went about out on my quest of finding this troll and dropping all of my armor and letting him kill me.  As I advanced further into the dungeon what did I see but some careless level 17 knight just standing there.  I didn't know if his bot had crashed or if he had just went afk because his mom was yelling at him or some bull.  So he's all standing there getting attacked by like two(2) bugs, a rat and MY TROLL!  So what do I do?  Whatever some bored player might do on his level 8 troll char.  Open Fire!
     So I'm just standing there all white skulled chuckin' spears at him.  They're hardly even connecting, I'm a bit out of practice and I've been getting killed a lot lately running around town causing mischief.  I feel kind of stupid about it actually.  Plummeting from near 60 distance down to around 44 now.  Sadface.  The last few hits blaze up in the 30's though and he's dead.  He must've been a bot because the lootbag I found myself busy burying moments later contained straight gold.  Like 800 worth, that and a rope.  Someone actually playing would probably have food or a shovel mixed in there with some weird creature products or something.
     Well, he's dead and at that point I probably should've just suicided on the trolls as planned, but I always like the thrill of trying to outlive a white skull, so I just walked around the cave slowly killing trolls while still wearing my shield and training spears on full defense.  Klotariox Rican comes back anyway and is all 18:54 Klotariox Rican [16]: ahahaha as he tears me up with his serpent sword.  Frikkin' botter, so I run him around a little bit but he catches me and gets all of my empty vials so.........
     I'm gonna' go check out the new Tibia Flash Client they just released.  Play on!

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