Thursday, June 2, 2011

Axe wound Achievement On Torn

     From the other day, the ones I was talking about I got the 1000+ computer crimes and 100+ crushing weapon finishing hits.  31 more busts to 1000 busts Award.  The timing of this was perfect.  It just wants me to keep playing.
     It popped up on rewards like, the moment after I did my highest paying bounty hit ever.  400k.  So I'm like wow, never rocked a text game this hard before.  So now I can look at axes more and try and beat that record.  I'll just keep doing bounties to try to get that private island then I guess and busting to get the 1k busts Award.  Been camping Black Knights and Banshees still on Tibia.  Listening to guys on ventrilo talking about Grimms.

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