Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice Loot Shot

     I had thought at first that the day was going to no be that good at first.  Went all the way to the black knight and he dropped like 56 gold coins.  LOL!  What is that stuff.  I'll try and hit him again later perhaps.  But then...
     I wish stuff like that could happen more often.  A time ring and a spider silk drop at the same time. That's like a 10k drop in one Giant Spider.  Fun!  Fun!  So to celebrate I went to the Thais depot and threw out a bunch of trash amongst some other things.  Knight armor, some plate armors, steel helmet.  I've been needing to do that for awhile now, it's getting pretty full.  Still got more stuff to toss out amongst all of the amulets and rings I never plan to use.  That or just mail them to an alt.

     Just so much junk that I can't get rid of.  No one wants knight armors anymore.  Some guy was selling Skullcracker Armor.  I almost spent money on it but I want to save up for Elite Draken Mail/Nightmare Shield/Helmet of the Ancients/Golden Boots, stuff like that.

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