Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I think that everyone should MTURK! \o/

     I've been trying to tell my friends about this service for the longest time but none has ever bothered to try it.  So this is what I am doing right now.  I'm putting together this little page to show exactly what it is like, why it is so cool and why they should do it.

     First off, you know that I am in no way profiting from you trying it, because there is no referral link.  It's just, pfft go try it.  See if you can beat one of my high scores for the last month.  I almost broke three dollars in one day, I think I've been up to like seven before once.

     I mostly just moderate images anymore, because I think that it's fun.  They show me a big page of images and I click on which ones are bad and click submit.  BOOM PENNY!  The best part is I know that the money this site promises is real.  At least as much as you can order stuff off of amazon and they will mail it to you, because I've actually done that and it actually came in the mail: ex. Books, Cds, micro SD cards.

     Here is an example of the hits available and the kind of search parameters that you can apply.  I mostly just do the image filtering ones so I just put in 'adult' and then click a little box that will only show the ones I am qualified for so it filters out some more junk.  Then I just do a couple of these and build up a balance.  I'm trying to save up for one of them Roombas at the moment, those little vacuum bots but those ones are like 250$ plus S&H.

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