Monday, May 30, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

     Well, today has been kind of fun so far.  I've figured out how to hit that 400+ I was talking about on my mage but I haven't managed to get the screenshot just right just yet, but I will.  A couple cool things have happened so far today.
     First, we were training on a monk outside of the Thais depot today when some nub came up and killed it.  Boss got mad and said we were going to kill him so I got on a secondary character really fast and then came and scold on him.  He ran into some house with stairs and all tried to lose us and then something happened, I don't even know.  While I was hiding out on the rooftop watching my skull flash away, he must've either put down a field rune or hit the wrong hot-key or something, I never figured out what exactly, but when I came down I saw the dead.  I returned back to the front of the Thais depot to see if I could gather any clues as to what had happened and there was Boss, the killer, standing there skull free.  The nub must've screwed up somewhere.  Funny.
     What else?  Oh yeah, I was messing around on one of my noob characters, geez it's amazing what you can get done with them in just one day.  Anyway, I came across this Level 15 knight just standing there on my 9 paladin.  So I did what any bored human would do in that situation.  OPEN FIRE!!!!  Well, he wasn't AFK it turns out and started poking me with his serpent sword. "OUCH!  That tickles!".  This was like, under guildhall, south of the rotworms down a hole to the east by some slimes if you know where I'm talking about.  So he starts chasing me and I'm thinking all, "Never give up, never surrender!".  I just kept running and running, clicking the map so that he couldn't keep up because noobs just sit there and lag holding the arrow key.  So my level 9 outruns this guy, I think he was hanging back killing all the rotworms on the way or something.  I'm standing to the far right of this long passage up above some stairs where there is a dragon.
     Just sitting there, minding my own business, waiting to lose skull.  When who rolls up but...THAT STINKING LEVEL 15!  OMG, he's got some nerve following me all the way to this hallway.  I wait for him to get about 12 inches(30.5 cm) away from my face with that serpent sword and I hope down the stairs.  He must've figured me for some new player with skills comparative to his own because he didn't bother following me down those stairs.  Maybe because he was frightened of the dragon that live there.  As for me, I did not care.  If the dragon were to munch up my insides at least the single mana potion I had been carrying the entire time would more likely rot at the monsters feet than be rewarded to the guy who was chasing me.  Sure, I have no problem that he was defending himself, but when he followed me all of the way down that hallway, that's just getting pretty ballsy.  Not ballsy enough though, to follow that crazed lowbie into the dragon den.
     I wasn't going to try to drop it with 54 distance and 1 mana pot so I just hopped down the next hole and waited out the skull after dropping the three minotaurs and 2 poison spiders.  Great Success!  I could've went back out past the poison fields, but rushing past that dragon with a max HP of like 140 is just so exhilarating.  Thinking that he can just one-hit you whenever he wants, I exited by roping back up the hole and doing just that.  It nibbled my arm a bit as I dashed past him but other than that I was okay as I made my way back up the the stairs to the beginning of that long passage.  I wandered my way out past all of the dead rotworms that whats-his-face bothered killing, maybe he did it on the way out?  I don't really know now, but they did all still contain food for the most part which will help me in my goal of getting from magic level 6 -> 10 before I advance to level 10.
     So then, I traveled all of the way back up out of the ancient temple.  When I arrived at surface side I noticed a level 40 knight standing peculiarly next to a tree, but I tell that story some other time ;P

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