Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taking my time

     I hate being rushed just as much as the next guy.  You give me a deadline and I'll just fall asleep.  Let me make my own rules though and I'm more likely to pay attention.  I like doing stuff more when it feels like it's my idea.  Like for example, say I'm shoveling snow right?  Say it just snowed out and I'm out shoveling snow and then my dad comes out and points at a different part of the driveway and says something like, "You should shovel over here.".  I don't know exactly what it is but something like that is bound to set me off.

     It's the equivalent of things like saying, "Hey, you there.  You know that thing that you're doing?  Ya', you should keep doing it because I said so.".  There I am, perfectly capable of exercising my human will to do what's right, getting something done, but so often someone has to come along and attempt to annoy me by commenting in someway which I suppose is just common sense to some idiots.  Like them telling me to do what I'm doing is going to make them feel more powerful or something.  Like then I'm doing what I was already doing but I'm doing it because they said so.  Reverse Psychology though would have it that I then find some reason to take a break. I was on my way to completing the job just fine and some upper-management guy needs to feel important.

     So keep reading, and keep that cozy mouse nuzzled right in your hand, with your finger poised over the left-click button because it might almost be time to go and....

Pic not related, but I am getting really close to Level 103.

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