Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make a Cool Million

     Hi guys.  Jeff here again.  Today I thought that I'd talk about this browser game that I've been playing for a little over five years now.  TornCity.  If anyone wants to sign up and try it out I would appreciate it if you would use my referral link as that would gain me many rewards if you are to reach level 10.

     Well actually now that I check it, it's every 10 levels that you gain, I would gain an additional 250 points, 31 Donator Day status and 2 Special Items.  So give it a shot, I'd appreciate it.  Who knows you might even enjoy it.  As an added incentive, anyone who does join through that link and makes a comment/post at the bottom here detailing your user ID# I just might feel quite compelled to help you out, as in the way of sending you A MILLION DOLLARS!!!  At least to the first person to try it out.  Prizes and guarantees may vary.

     No, actually I did finally coax one of my RL's into playing it, but I never gave him the referral link, he just went straight to Torn and now he's halfway to level 5 xP  Opps!  Couple things about this game.  It's browser based which I know is a big turn off to some of you, but there's just so many danged things to do, it's tough to get bored of and quit once you get into it. Gambling, car racing, crimes, property management, stock market.. the list goes on.  I'm currently saving up to buy the best property they have on there, a Private Island.  Which seams to be everyone's main goal on that game starting out.  It get's easier as you go and you just keep making money faster and faster, but after five years I have still not gathered the 500$ Million Dollars needed to purchase this piece of property.

     The reason for wanting it so bad is this.  You have a health bar and an action bar(Nerve), being in that it is turn based.  Plus you also have this bar that is called a Happy bar.  It starts out small but the more expensive a property you buy the higher it gets, and the higher it gets the more efficient your training times at the gym are.  That's why everyone wants a private island right off the bat because then they know that they can get the most stats and beat everyone else in PVP.

     Why would you want to excel in PVP you might ask?  Well aside from the in game missions which require having higher stats in order to complete there are also factions.  Groups of players who band together and form alliances in order to fight their way to the top.  Climbing the ladder to see who can garner the most respect, it's quite interesting.  It's like an all out war with spies and armories and all sorts of cool stuff.

     The main reason though that I want to get that Private Island is so I can get those prodigial stats is so that I can retire to a life of casual bounty hunting.  I'd imagine by the time I power-game the heck out of this game until I get that spot at the the top, then I can just leisurely train until I am strong enough to take out contracts on people listed on the front page of the Bounties section in the newspaper.

     You can actually practically do this right from the beginning.  I didn't realize this at first but after I explained it to my friend, he signed up, trained a few times and then started knocking people off of the bottom of the ladder for 10k each.  I think I was playing for weeks before I made my first 10k on here.  Bounty hunting is just so much fun.  You go to the Newspaper, then you go to the Bounties section and then you flip through the pages deciding who best to spend your energy on trying to Hospitalize.

     I know that it is fun because I do it everyday.  I just can't think of nothing much more fun, besides making money, than knowing when you click that button that says Attack that it's going to lead to someone somewhere else in the world getting upset at the fact that they got owned, and it being by me makes me feel oh so smug.  I know some people who would enjoy this all the more by being able to do it cheating, but that's just not my style.  I more like to put in the hours and then dominate the failer cheaters by dominating all of their wasted efforts with raw power.  Mainline skill baby, there's just no other way about it.  Sad part is, there always seams to be someone better, and in my opinion they are usually either Asian or Brazilian.  It can get me down but for the most part it just inspires me to want to learn another language.  ser dueño de eres?

     Last part I wanted to touch base with about this game TornCity I found was the achievemnts.  I didn't even realize it at first when they added it in but based on what kind of weapon you use when finishing people off you can get these nifty little banners that go behind your name plate.  I'd been using some rare swords I found which were getting the job done pretty efficiently at cutting up my prey, but when I noticed that you can get the name plate with Axes, I instantly knew I just had to drop the swords and start rocking some bladed hammers baby.  It's still gonna' take me awhile but I think that I'm about halfway there.

     So yeah, I know that I've still got quite a way to go but I'm pretty confident I'll make it.  50 out of 100 finishing hits, I'm already halfway there.  Then I'll have that cool looking axe logo on my name plate.  Another axe related achievement on them MMORPG's.  Gotta' get all them axes, oh I could go on and on with these ramblings but I like to try to stick to one topic a day.  So until next time, Happy Hunting and may your drops be rare.


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