Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introduction to Mayhem

     Hey guys.  Jeff here.  Thought I'd try me hand at this whole awesome blogging idea thingy.
I'm kind of curious whether as to this thing could coexist alongside a twitter account.  That would be kind of cool.  So anyway, what I was wanting to go and use this for was to just post stuff about what I do in my games day to day, as I figured maybe some people might find that interesting because I do a lot of stuff.  Might actually be able to get more done if I'd just stay focused on one, which I occasionally do, but for the most part I tend to jump around a lot so this could possibly cover quite a vast array of games.

     What else?  Well I know that pictures are what people like to look at a lot so I'm going to go ahead and see how easy it is to post this latest screeny I did for level advancement 8 on this game Zezenia.  Kind of what you might call a Tibia clone, but it holds it's own.

     There we go, that wasn't so hard.  You can expect a lot more of those to come.  Wow this will be a great way to keep track of all of those from now on.  I used to collect screenshot advancement on all of my old computers, but now they just sit on some desolate hardrive unplugged from the internets in some basement somewhere.  Well, as you can see, I just got level 8 on that bish Hitman Headshot.  I believe that level 9 is required in order to leave from the training noob island and go to the main island where PVP is allowed.  I can hardly wait(too go get fragged a bunch I bet lol).  I've been training his Magic Level a whole bunch, as it is a mage character.  For anyone who has played Tibia before you might know about how the classes are knight,paladin,sorcerer and druid.  Well this game, which you can get at has only three classes.

     The Warrior class, which is about the equivalent to the knight on Tibia.  Really sucks because I had like a level 40-50 warrior here on zezenia until they reset everyone's accounts and knocked us all down to level 1 when they did this last huge update and redid their entire map.   Warriors are your best bet to start out with if you've never played a game like this before.  This is because they gain the most max-HP per level advancement.  Having a larger max hit point pool will ensure you to be less likely to die and thus frustrated to the point that you quit.

     The ranger class on zezenia is that equivalent to the paladin on Tibia.  These are the guys who shoot arrows and pretty much just destroy all of the monsters and other players from afar.  The only downfall is that they have half the max HP as the warriors, but warriors have to be standing right next to something to attack it, so the rangers can attack stuff from from away without getting hit so they don't really need hit points unless they get into a jam.

     Last, but certainly not least zezenia went and rolled the whole entrie druid/sorcerer vocation into one class, Mage.  They are weak in max HP compared to knights and paladins but I'm going to try to post some PK videos on here in a few weeks hopefully, if I can get enough time off of work to develop him into a powerful warlock, Charlie Sheen style ;p.  Mage is what the character I'm working on atm is.  Hitman Headshot.  I think having magic level 23 at level 8 is pretty good, but I'll keep working at it.  My goal is to be able to one hit people.  What I'll probably do is just hit the town once a month until I get red-name, (The equivalent to Tibia Red Skull)  So stay tuned.  It just might get interesting xD


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