Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting close to a few achievements on Torn


It seams that here lately I'm getting pretty close to quite a few milestone achievements on this game Torn.  Sometimes for weeks, months even sometimes I can go on this game just incessantly clicking away with apparently no goal.  I just keep getting on it doing what I'm used to, it's like a habit.  But sometimes after awhile of it and not getting any event notifications I start to doubt and wonder why I'm still doing it to no end with no noticed effect.  This is where Chedburn, creator of the game, got smart.  Every time you advance to a new achievement you get an event notice which also triggers ranks and merits.  It's just like Pavlov's dogs.
     So later this afternoon, I imagine that I will complete at least 3 more computer crimes.  I'm pretty sure that something special happens when you hit 1000.  What else, finishing hits with clubbed weapons.  Just 19 more of them and I'll be able to adorn my name plate with some nifty little axes.  That's sure appeal to my savage side.  Why am I not clicking google ads again for this game yet?  Oh and, people busted, another 33 of them and BOOM! there's 3 merits right there.  After that I think I'll still be doing Bounties collected, because that private island is still a ways off.  Either 365 days playing or 15 USD$ in Donator packs sold.

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