Friday, May 27, 2011

Hit 300+ on a GS

     Tibia is one of my favorite games.  It just goes on forever and ever.  I'm in a pretty good guild, one of the top ones on my server(Silvera) after playing for 5+ years.  Dreaded Assassins are coming up pretty fast and might be somewhat of a competitive force to the rulers of the world, Inferno/Flawless give it a little more time.  I have some worries that our leaders might just retire or just get accepted into one of the ruling guilds but whatever.  I still got my spot.  This game, you can just keep going and going on it.  There's just no limit.  Once you've reached one of your goals it's just that much easier to set a new one.  You can just keep setting the bar higher and higher.

     This screenshot shows me hitting a 300 on a Giant Spider.  I'm pretty proud of that.  But now my goal is just to try and hit a 400+!  I don't even know if a 500 is even possible after that.  Probably.  It just takes so much time training skills.  You can go from pretty much nothing.  When I first started I was getting killed by little bugs and rats left and right, thinking that that was frustrating.  Now, when I play this game, I pretty much feel like a powerhouse.  It's unreal.  When stuff get's me down in Real Life I can just hop on this game and tear some monumental bosses to shreds.

     I've come a long way and I only plan on going further.  I don't know if anyone ever really beats this game.  People just eventually give up and retire.  The quest to be the top mage.  You could be the highest level with the highest skills but you still need a team.  Because even if you are Level 500, 2 or 3 Level 400's could take you down.  It takes a lot of time and organization to get anywhere in this game, and I'm not too sure if it's really all worth it but I know that it is a lot of fun.

     Voice chat is another thing in this game that makes it more appealing.  Sure, you can just type stuff to people and have a conversation but I find it a whole lot more exhilarating to be talking to your team-mates on a headset as you venture into the dragon cave.  It does get a little tiresome once you get strong enough to no longer fear the dragons but it's still fun going after those rare loots, and you never know when the player killer teams are going to come and try and drop you in order to get your Boots of Haste.


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