Monday, August 15, 2011

Tibia Silvera Knight Training Again

Yep, just training again, as the screenshot, tags and title would suggest.  It get's kind of boring but what better way to make the time pass than by doing several other things at the exact same time.  Good old multi-tasking.  If I could find any other things to do at the same time I think that I might be a tibia playing prodigy.  First off, I get my skills on my main, axe and shielding, with a little bit of magic level at the same time.  63% -> 8 at the moment, quite a ways to go until the all covetable magic level 9 required in order to shoot magic wall runes.  I'll benchmark it here as something to look back at a later time and see how far I've come.  A butterfly flies past the screenshot above as I check out the other skills.  Mainly I'm trying to up my fishing skill(54) in order to get another skill on the top 300 board with this character.  61 or 62 is what it's going to take and I was just 51 or 52 earlier so at this rate I could make it very soon.  I think it will be funny so I'm wasting my time doing it, all while training axe/shi/mag on my main and skills on some alts who will make for very fun PK chars.  That and, I thought that there was another multi-tasking thing that was getting done there at the same time, blogging?  A little bit of club/fist experience?  Uhmmmm, what was it.  (Sips another beer.)  Hmmmm, online time to demoralize the teams we are warring against perhaps?  It's been a fun night, listening to Dreaded Assassins team rocking the map tonight on ventrilo.  They've been dropping tons of members from Overmaster, Flawless Allies tonight.  I wish I could be there but my premmy hasn't went through yet.  84 axe and level 105.  I am aspiring to obtain 90 axe in order to be able to profitably and leisurly hunt the dragon lords of deeper fibula, as noted in yesterdays post.  Also striving towards level 110 to try at that nifty looking Annihilation spell on some war enemies.  It's gonna' get good here sooner or later.  Do what I can for this team, train ;p and drop the fish off in the guildhalls and look up whatever I can for them while they're on the fly.  Keep killin' and training or whatever it is you do and may your drops be unblessed ,,//_

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