Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tibia Knight Training Skill

Been training down in Fibula lately.  It's a pretty good spot with a protection zone right next to some wolf spawns for training shielding.  About as handy as the wolfs out east of the White Flower Temple but there is much less lamers wandering around out here.  I've been going about 4 hours at least good without seeing a single lamer pass by to kill the monsters training my shielding, like they probably would have at white flower temple tons of times by now.  I like this spot, I'm sure there's more but this one is working fine for now.  I find it a little funny because my main reason of wanting to train is to get Axe Skill 90 so I can hunt the dragon lords in deeper Fibula with the least amount of waste imaginable.  So I think that I have pretty much moved to Fibula.  I should go walk around sometime and see who all has houses here and vip them.  It's a nice peaceful village without a lot of disturbances.  I'm digging it at the moment anyway.  So relaxing, just fishing a little here and there and surfing around on forums reading about making money in massive multiplayer online worlds .  There's a bunch of interesting theories out there.  I read some threads with people talking about what the creators running those worlds do more to stabilize those economies.  It's really interesting.  Gogo powerlevel o/

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