Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Runes of Magic - Leveling on up

     So since I last posted I've left my last guild on this game for a new one, Knightsofhonor. They seam to be a whole lot more active for they have a lot more guild members online anytime that I am on. Guild chat flourishes and they even have one of those voice chat servers that I am so prone to listening in on. I've been learning a little bit more and more on this game. A blog about it with this guy Swag who does a radio show also exists which is pretty interesting to listen to while playing. Anyway, I came on here with the interest of uploading a few screenshots at different levels in order to check out how fast my stats are going up. I am sure that to any veteran of this game they probably look terrible but I am just trying to get as high level I can as fast as I can and level 30 in about, 2 to 3 weeks? Doesn't sound like I have enough time to play, but still when I do get the chance it feels like I'm accomplishing something. Hopefully before long I can get some videos of fighting dragons on here. Until then...

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