Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New personal record on Adf.ly Adfly

  Anyone else doing this good their second month in?  If not, sign up for it here: http://adf.ly/?id=1104724 and I'll love you.  I've been jamming the hell out of these links and tossing them up everywhere all over youtube.  Shame in the fact that facebook blocked the ability to post them up on there.  Of the top ranking sites on Alexa.com the next one I am aiming to utilize is twitter.  Some of my friends shun the popularity of this social media celebrity gossip site but it is apparently useful for more then that.  The other day I noticed one of the Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Dubstep Remix videos that I had recently posted to youtube had received a high amount of hits.  In the 1k in a single day range, this is much higher than the norm of accumulating 25 in a week.  This to me is the essence of practically going viral.  I looked into the source of where all of this traffic came from and I have attributed it to someone posting a link to said video on twitter.  It must've been someone big because when all those hits came in it is what caused the record breaking tower that you can see the evidence of in the image above.  Simply flabbergasted by this, I have decided that it is time to attempt to collect a mass amount of followers on my twitter account so I can make this happen more often/daily.  I've got some other ideas at the same time as well that I might hit on later if they work, I'd hate to waste anyone's time with theories until they are proven.

  Let's see, so I've got that to report on and this small tidbit on Tibia Silvera Ghorvelboz.  26% -> Magic Level 8.  Slowly creeping towards magic walls on magic level 9.  I'll get it sooner or later.  I enjoy leaving the benchmark posts concerning this matter.  It shows a documented form of the trials it takes for a knight to perform this simple magic maneuver.  Cripes, I still hardly know how to use the things but I'm sure I'll learn to be as proficient with them as Lunarsphere as time goes on.  HAIL DREADED ASSASSINS! \o/

  Shout out to Spoone http://www.youtube.com/user/Spoonukem & Noritox http://www.youtube.com/user/zrweber .  Gonna' go chat with them on Skype.  Peace out and may your loots be very rare.
- (c)11:32p 1/31/2012 Logak

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