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Top 4 Free MMORPG's for the Year 2011 Upcoming 2012

Well hear we are again with yet another top list.  No not top 10, this one is top 4.  Why? because I was in a rush and I couldn't even think of any games worthy of putting on as 5.  Well, I could do my quick add to 7 now with 3 other ideas but I don't really play them or have them installed to go get screenshots so I'll just puncuate them as. (wow, kotar and eq2x).  Auteria is nice to and worth a shot and I will most likely include it in my future updates, a top 5 perhaps.  Well, free mmo's really are the shxdt and I know that I constantly find myself searching for "top mmo" on youtube so I finally decided that I would do a top list of my own.  Here we go.

#4.  Gunshine. is a pretty sweet game which I have found myself already having had multiple hours of fun with it decided that it was noteworthy.  The leveling can be somewhat tedious, but what game doesn't?  Today I got well from level 10 to 12 while waiting for RoMs to download.  12 is still quite a ways away from the level cap 30 but I imagine that I will still come back to this.  It's a facebook game so it's probably pretty easy to get your friends to play with you, but who cares?  You can level and get new items/equips on your own so if it's fun enough for solo you can still PK randoms in on of the games several PVP rings for kicks when you get tired of grinding enemies for more exp/money/manufacture products.  The crafting system in this game takes absolutely zero time to learn and is of minimal headache to figure out how to craft greater weapons to destroy your foes with.  The hardest part is just collecting the crafting products but you wouldn't really want it to be that easy.  The controls are 90-99% mouse controlled so it can get really boring but it leaves your freehand open to do other things, like scratch your face or shove random unsponsored food products into your mouths.  It takes about 5-10 seconds to load so you can be in there bashing people over the head with a wrench in no time so what are you waiting for.  Go check it out!
 #3.  Zezenia  Zezenia is a pretty obscure game that practically no one you know will know about.  It's original though in the fact that you can pretty much out and kill anybody you see almost anywhere.  As long as they are not in one of the games few safe zones, they are pretty much your prey.  As long as you don't kill TO many people and wind up getting your name turned red for a week or so you should be pretty good.  Pretty much it goes like this.  You start playing and trying to figure out how to get off the games tutorial island which is a real bish, I'm not lying.  But once you get to main you can explore the map and just level as fast as you can, because you get about 20, all of the nooby little level 8 wanna' be power abuser brs are like your lunch, and that is where the game really starts to get fun.  Once you get that high you can just walk out to the hunting places and start killing random creatures and stuff to get gold and loot and then you see another player and your like.. "What in the hell does he think he's doing?".  Then you hit like F12 or some hotkey that hit's them with a really powerful attack and you headshot them and then you take their loot and your profit goes up 2x/hr and you laugh and laugh and then just go back to killing creatures trying to get level 21.  It get's rather addictive at times and getting on the high-scores board is a little bit easier now since they reset everyone back approx. Jan. 2011 after they fixed a bunch of cheats players were using.  So I think that this game is better than Tibia because it's damm near impossible to bot and everyone you see that is on there is legit, albeit mostly brs but there are a few descent speaking English players.  Kukironosuke - Platon.  So hurry up and start stomping other players and thieving their loot!  For a great time that is sure to frustrate you in the starting stages but definatly payoff in fun factor as you advance go to:
#2.  Runes of Magic RoMs might actually be a bit of an over-hyped game to be on my list in my opinion but what the hell.  I'm only level 33/80 or some shid like that so I haven't really seen the games full potential just quite yet.  It's kind of fun at times, I almost PK'ed a guy once but he made it into town and I was pretty sure that the guards would've one shotted me had I kept following him as he ran to safety so I let him go.  This game can kind of piss me off at times because there are the same people that will just walked around and constantly gank you just for fun.  I found it pretty easy to join guilds that had working/active ventrilo's so that was a plus, but they'll kick you if you're inactive, ofc.  Although I'd imagine that it wouldn't be all to hard just to wander back into town and find one of them hanging around outside the guild castles and whatnot.  You can upgrade your house with stuff so that you can get increased EXP gains and neat stuff like that and it's definitely worth a shot if you got the PC to handle it's higher system requirements than some of these other games.,id4,runes_magic_client.html  Go try it and if you really like it set the graphics to high and drool to your hearts content while I'll most likely be busy playing...

#1. TIBIA!!!!

Tibia is the most MMORPG known to man in the existence of time.  It has been around since before there were computers so it's certain that it has been being perfected to prime since before you were even thought of.  This game has everything, and when I mean everything I mean it doesn't have nothing, it has all of the above.  Swords, axes, arrows, summoned demon skeletons, fake summoned demon skelotin traps, more traps, safe traps, bad traps to be trapped in, kick ass sudden death runes and magic levels.  Pauses for breath, high levels, low levels, mid levels, low levels that you can one hit for fun, low levels that are suprisingly resilient and can withstand quit a bit of damage, uhm what else.  Mounts, free account mounts.  Premium mounts, mounts that you could aonly get once and now are impossible to get, backpacks of holdings and boots of haste.  Grasshopper legs, beetle necklace, elite draken mail etc.  I may have forgot a few things here or there but I wouldn't want to spoil all of the fun for you.  If anyone knows of any better games please let me know.  Just leave a comment here or on the youtube video because if I told you to email me it'd just be a big waste of time for the both of us because I never check them.  Go play

Game on humans.

12/31/11 -Logak

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