Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Latest Scheme

  Well I just had to go somewhere to write about what I've been doing lately.  It's a pretty good formula I think.  Not only the theory behind it but in practice, the implementation of it is somewhat fun as well.  If not a learning process, I've been hearing the latest greatest music while figuring out which remixes will summon a copyright notice on youtube.  It goes like this, STEP 1, I'll go to and see what the Top 10 songs are and pick out one of them to target.  Then I fly over to and search for a remix of this song.  Once I've got 2 or 3 of them I'll go to (now owned by Yahoo! supposedly, someone's trying to make a comeback ;P) anyway yeah, at altavista I'll click the images search and then try to find a suiting image.  Lately I've been using the most sex object lookingest pics as we all know the old formula of sex+violence+???=PROFIT!  Theeeeen, I open up Windows Movie Maker (2.6) and toss in one of the remixes and the pic.  Set pic display length to match the length of the song and then hit make movie.  Once it's finished I hop back over to youtube and upload it.  Then I toss on the title: "Artist - Song Name (Remix Name)"  then put one of my addresses in the comment and then fill in the keywords like this: "Artist Song Name Dubstep Remix".  I just always call them Dubstep remixes, even if it is just electronica or whatever remix.  I don't know, I just figure that's what I'd search for if I was the one searching, and I'm trying to get the most hits I can get because that little link get's me like 1/3rd of a penny everytime it get's clicked on.  So that's what I've been doing.  That and hitting refresh to watch total views climb.  Can't wait to break a million. xD  Good luck in all you do and prosper ASAP because even old girls like money too ;P

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